Nedlands Update

xmastreeI can't believe its nearly Christmas! How this year has flown by!

What's happening in the Nedlands area?

There are currently 85 properties actively on the market for sale in the area, for this time of year that is a substantial amount. Because of the amount on offer, seller's must be competitive with their asking price. In the last 3 weeks 21 properties have reduced their asking price (some significantly) to attract GENUINE buyers.

The buyers are being extremely cautious...and will only part with the cash if they are confident the property represents value and ticks the boxes!

In a market with so much competition between seller's price is the biggest factor. But remember if you're selling and buying in the same market you may have had to reduce your price or you're not going to be purchasing at a premium level.

If you are selling, may I recommend you consider the following?

        • Selling your family home can be a very emotional time, as this place holds many memories to you, but during this period you must try and put the emotional aspect to the side.
        • Have a look at your competition, visit their home opens and ask your self, is your home better, is it not as good, how does their price reflect on yours?
        • Look at past sales history and compare those properties to yours